I earn £33ph testing this remote income method

As part of my quest to show how to earn remote income, I have been using Bonus Accumulator. Bonus Accumulator is NOT gambling! Although I wouldn’t call this an online career, it is a guaranteed way to make a good amount of money online, and you can start earning from day 1!

This makes it a great place to start earning money remotely today. If you need to get out on the road ASAP and need a way to support yourself, or use it as a mechanism to get the money together for you to start your online business (Shopify, FBA, YouTube, SMMA, Forex, etc).

Recently I completed a one month test of the Bonus Accumulator System. The test earned me £730 with 22hours “work”.

See my results below that I shared on my Instagram Story:

As you can see from the log of time spent, I could have put many more hours in for the month and earned more money. However, I feel that how I have conducted the test was a very fair way to show how this can be done as an “on the side income stream”. Try BA now!

Once you’ve joined, please do share your results with our Digital Nomads Facebook Group

Good luck!

Join Here: Yes I want guaranteed online income!

Interested in exactly how I make my living while traveling full time? Check out this page: https://kitevanman.com/money/make-money-while-traveling-in-a-van/

The Biggest Van Life Question

We have just published a guide that answers the most significant #vanlife question of today:

How do you support yourself, financially?

When initially taking the dive into #vanlife I would often be asked about how I converted the van, so I wrote the (Build Your Own Home On Wheels) ebook to help people out. I am happy to say this guide has now been delivered to over 500 happy readers!

These days I believe there are plenty van conversion guides out there, so the most common question has evolved to one that is in some way or another asking “how can I earn while traveling?” Really this is the last piece of the full time van life puzzle for most and I am chuffed to be offering it to you here. In fact there a multiple pieces for you to chose from, good luck!

2 Ways to Make a Reliable Online Income

The ability to make a reliable online income has been a challenge for many aspiring remote workers ever since the possibility of this opportunity showed its face. finally now, 25 years after mass adoption of the internet, making a full time income online has become a viable option for “normal” people.

I have created a new section to my website aptly called “Money”, yeah. This section will focus on earning, saving, investing and managing money, but with a large emphasis on remote income and long term travel.

I have just added the first page to this section which will show you 2 ways to make a reliable online income. Check it out and comment your thoughts😉

€3 Hack To Double Your Solar Power!

Are your semi-flexible solar panels underperforming? Mine deteriorated dramatically after just over a year, but I found a surprising way to improve them, a really cheap surprising way! 🙂 Read More

eBook is Live!!

home on wheels book cover

Yes, I have finally finished the book! Woooooooooooooo!!!

Check it out here and let me know what you think: KVM’s Build Your Home on Wheels!

20 Things That 2017 Did To Me!

2017 has brought me many experiences that I never thought would happen in my life, ever!


    1. Lost a business
    2. Formatted and sold a PC with $100,000 worth of Litecoin on it
    3. Built a home out of a van
    4. Moved into that van, full time!
    5. left the UK
    6. Taught an extreme sport to people from all over the World!
    7. Stopped showering every day
    8. Ran 10K (well 11K actually) who’s counting?
    9. Had only 14% body fat – okay, I might need to work on this one again, Xmas n that…
    10. Started a blog (and I’m still learning to spell)
    11. Visited 22 Countries and slept in the most amazing places
    12. Lived on a beach for 6 weeks
    13. Lived on another one for 2 months 
    14. Pooed in the woods more often than in a toilet
    15. Became satisfied with not having loads of money 
    16. Wrote an eBook (well, it’s nearly done)
    17. Became vegan
    18. Taught an ant to carry a stone – if you saw this on my Insta Story, then you’re one lucky mofo! – @kitevanman
    19. Grown my hair long
    20. Found a workable passion

You know what they say about how to find your perfect career? Continue Reading

Our First Leg – From Hand Shake to Spain

So this is how thinking about family, life and one drunken agreement ends up changing your life!

Sitting at home on Christmas Eve 2016, my girlfriend and I shook on a deal. The deal was to leave the UK in 6 months time to travel Europe in a van! (Read how I came up with this ludicrous idea here: My Tedspiration)

This was our home, the very room where the decision that would change our lives was made:

Untitled design (2)

Needless to say in the morning we realised that we may have been a little drunk last night and Continue Reading

Up & Coming

In school, I would struggle to write, not just with spelling and grammar, but I would never really have anything I would want to write about.
Sitting here now in a field right at the southern tip of Spain I have so much I want to write about that I don’t know where to start! Luckily I have spell check (Grammarly) to help with the spelling and grammar 🙂

I already have a list of 26 blogs/vlogs that I want to dish out over the next couple of months from van building to kitesurfing, to how to get work in Spain and what admin you will need to have completed to do so, how to earn on the road, places you must visit etc etc.

So please do follow my blog so you won’t miss any updates!

Muchas Gracias

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My Tedspiration

Ted (the taller one), is my younger Brother (23), 8 years younger than me.

We didn’t spend all our younger years together as I lived with My dad and he lived with our Mum. That said, the time we did spend together was always huge fun and we have always had a solid bond. We are very close and no matter what we always have each other’s backs!

So what is a Tedspiration? Continue Reading