My Tedspiration

Ted (the taller one), is my younger Brother (23), 8 years younger than me.

We didn’t spend all our younger years together as I lived with My dad and he lived with our Mum. That said, the time we did spend together was always huge fun and we have always had a solid bond. We are very close and no matter what we always have each other’s backs!

So what is a Tedspiration?

Christmas Eve 2016,

Me and my AMAZING girlfriend Marcela were chatting over a glass of wine and a game of Jenga, when my brother came into the conversation. We were talking about his past year and how he had changed his lifestyle so much.

You see Ted was doing the whole season in the French Alps (Tignes). He had gone there as a newbie snowboarder and from what we were seeing on Facebook he was getting pretty fu**ing good at it! What a way to spend your days, doing something you simply love, progressing and being fulfilled every day! However, I knew that soon he would be back home and falling back into the trap of everyday life!

I really wanted him to keep up this new lifestyle so I put myself in his situation and thought of how I could best advise him once he is home. All I could think of saying was that if I was his age I would piss off in a van and travel Europe!

This led me on to think about my own life in more depth, without bias or ego. I asked myself: “If I was 40 looking back on my 30 year old self, what would I say?” The answer was the same as what I wanted to tell Ted! How could I ignore my own advice… This was the start of my journey!

Learn to kitesurf

You see I know I have inspired my brother in many ways through the years, but I don’t think he realises just how much he actually inspired me, until now.

Me, Mum & Ted


You can read more about my decision to live in a van here

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