20 Things That 2017 Did To Me!

2017 has brought me many experiences that I never thought would happen in my life, ever!


    1. Lost a business
    2. Formatted and sold a PC with $100,000 worth of Litecoin on it
    3. Built a home out of a van
    4. Moved into that van, full time!
    5. left the UK
    6. Taught an extreme sport to people from all over the World!
    7. Stopped showering every day
    8. Ran 10K (well 11K actually) who’s counting?
    9. Had only 14% body fat – okay, I might need to work on this one again, Xmas n that…
    10. Started a blog (and I’m still learning to spell)
    11. Visited 22 Countries and slept in the most amazing places
    12. Lived on a beach for 6 weeks
    13. Lived on another one for 2 months 
    14. Pooed in the woods more often than in a toilet
    15. Became satisfied with not having loads of money 
    16. Wrote an eBook (well, it’s nearly done)
    17. Became vegan
    18. Taught an ant to carry a stone – if you saw this on my Insta Story, then you’re one lucky mofo! – @kitevanman
    19. Grown my hair long
    20. Found a workable passion

You know what they say about how to find your perfect career?“If you had an unlimited supply of money rendering the need to work obsolete, what would you spend your days doing?” Well, this never worked for me as my answer was Gliding, Snowboarding and Kitesurfing (not teaching it btw) – all of which are extremely difficult to make a career out of.

Work vs Play

In 2017 my answer became “film stuff!” 🙂 I found something that I love to do and I can make a career from it – booyakasha!!

I have always had some sort of pull towards cameras ever since I played with my Grandad’s when I was about 7 or something, but never did I think I would be stuffing my face into one and speaking to thousands of people on a regular basis!

My YouTube Channel

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 16.53.17 copy-min

So most things that happened in 2017 are great apart from that stinker at the top, but the funny thing is that stinker may have needed to happen to push me off the fence into adopting this lifestyle. Moral of the story..? Sometimes smelly can be good! Hence why I have stopped showering…

Every cloud does have a silver lining, but it can be hard to see that through the fog until you are clear of it.

I am sure next year will be another amazing year, it’s beginning with me spending the rest of the season in the French/Swiss Alps, so off to a very good start. Kind of mad as it was my Brothers trip to the alps last year that inspired me to consider this journey! My Tedspiration


More here:
YouTube: https://goo.gl/erttCM
Instagram: http://bit.ly/kvmIas

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Loving your work,I’ve taken inspiration from your van build and adapted for my own, you two stay safe and enjoy your travels.

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