Where is Marcela?

Okay guys I finally give in, here is your answer:


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  1. Hi, really pleased you guys are going to give it another go – ecstatic in fact. As a couple you have so much history together you just can’t let her go. Marcela is an intelligent, resorseful, beautiful woman and someone like her, with the loving connection you have, is to be cherished and respected. Four years ago, after 21 years of marriage, my Wife divorced me and I regret everyday that passes. She was much like Marcela but without the “firey attitude” (I think you called it) but that’s a blessing that Polish women seem to have; they’re driven and don’t take kindly to fools when they’re being serious. So please, seriously think about YOUR attitude: did you become complacent, be understanding, caring and most of all – give enough hugs?

    I love what you’ve done and would love to do the same but I have two children whom I can’t bear to be away from. Being turned into a part-time Dad has broken me. We’ve bought a van and are slowly doing it up to travel 2-3 weeks en bloc annually, as then my time is up. The regrets come flooding back…don’t let Marcela go – you won’t find another!

    If you’re ever in the Peak district of the UK I’d love to meet up.

    Good luck 🙂

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