€3 Hack To Double Your Solar Power!

Are your semi-flexible solar panels underperforming? Mine deteriorated dramatically after just over a year, but I found a surprising way to improve them, a really cheap surprising way! 🙂

You see the plastic coating on my panels had become very dull and I was sure that this had to be reducing the amount of sunlight being converted into electricity.


The Magic Method

First things first, make sure you wash the panels in the “normal” way. Fairy Platinum washing up liquid, water and a SOFT brush/rag.

Once clear of all dust, dirt and bird poo you can move on to the next stage.

So, grab a tube of your favourite toothpaste some water and a rag, then jump up on your roof!

Then you want to add the toothpaste and a little water to the panel and buff with the rag (circular motions).

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.12.32.png

It takes a fair amount of elbow grease and you don’t want to put too much pressure on the panels. I found it best to do one cell at a time. Keep the toothpaste quite dry to begin with so its abrasive qualities are quite aggressive. After a good rub, add water and continue the circular motion. rinse off, dry and you should now be able to see your beautiful reflection in the panels again. Wahla!


The Results

This neat little trick gave me nearly double the amount of power coming from my panels as you can see in the video linked below. They still don’t perform as well as new. However, this is a quick fix that can help you get that extra bit of power to keep those leisure batteries alive!


If you’re experiencing this issue and you try this method be sure to show me how you get on!

Peace, Alex


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