I earn £33ph testing this remote income method

As part of my quest to show how to earn remote income, I have been using Bonus Accumulator. Bonus Accumulator is NOT gambling! Although I wouldn’t call this an online career, it is a guaranteed way to make a good amount of money online, and you can start earning from day 1!

This makes it a great place to start earning money remotely today. If you need to get out on the road ASAP and need a way to support yourself, or use it as a mechanism to get the money together for you to start your online business (Shopify, FBA, YouTube, SMMA, Forex, etc).

Recently I completed a one month test of the Bonus Accumulator System. The test earned me £730 with 22hours “work”.

See my results below that I shared on my Instagram Story:

As you can see from the log of time spent, I could have put many more hours in for the month and earned more money. However, I feel that how I have conducted the test was a very fair way to show how this can be done as an “on the side income stream”. Try BA now!

Once you’ve joined, please do share your results with our Digital Nomads Facebook Group

Good luck!

Join Here: Yes I want guaranteed online income!

Interested in exactly how I make my living while traveling full time? Check out this page: https://kitevanman.com/money/make-money-while-traveling-in-a-van/

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