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I earn £33ph testing this remote income method

Guaranteed remote income test results

The Biggest Van Life Question

When initially taking the dive into #vanlife the biggest question was how I converted the van. This has evolved to one that is in some way…

2 Ways to Make a Reliable Online Income

The ability to make a reliable online income has been a challenge for many aspiring remote workers ever since the possibility of this opportunity showed its face.

€3 Hack To Double Your Solar Power!

Are your semi-flexible solar panels underperforming? Mine deteriorated dramatically after just over a year, but I found a surprising way to improve them, a really cheap surprising way! 🙂

eBook is Live!!

Yes, I have finally finished the book! Woooooooooooooo!!! Check it out here and let me know what you think: KVM’s Build Your Home on Wheels!

20 Things That 2017 Did To Me!

Some things really shocked me this year!

Our First Leg – From Hand Shake to Spain

So this is how thinking about family, life and one drunken agreement ends up changing your life! Sitting at home on Christmas Eve 2016, my girlfriend and I shook on a deal. The deal was to leave the UK in 6 months time to travel Europe… Continue Reading “Our First Leg – From Hand Shake to Spain”

Up & Coming

In school, I would struggle to write, not just with spelling and grammar, but I would never really have anything I would want to write about. Sitting here now in a field right at the southern tip of Spain I have so much I want… Continue Reading “Up & Coming”

My Tedspiration

Ted (the taller one), is my younger Brother (23), 8 years younger than me. We didn’t spend all our younger years together as I lived with My dad and he lived with our Mum. That said, the time we did spend together was always huge fun… Continue Reading “My Tedspiration”

First blog post

A couple more days and this blog will be ready!