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Have you ever imagined travelling the coasts, mountains and open roads while enjoying the luxury of having everything you need to live, enjoy yourself and earn money come along with you?

I have had this dream for as long as I can remember, I would fantasise about it even when just on an average road trip, pretending that I would be driving for months!

It wasn’t until recently that I realised this dream was much easier to materialise than I had ever thought. What was it that made it so accessible? Van conversions and remote work!

working on laptops in the marina

Thanks to YouTube in particularly Nate Murphy my eyes were opened to the possibility of not needing a huge amount of money to make this happen!

So I did it, I jumped in at the deep end and built my dream!

sprinter van conversion

Ever since then, I have had an overwhelming amount of people contacting me and asking how I did certain things, where I got parts from, how long it took, the costs involved and where I learnt the skills. I tried to answer every one, but it was getting impossible to keep up!

So I wrote an ebook answering all that and more 🙂

It’s made up of:

  • 215 Pages!
  • All Required Diagrams
  • 300 High-quality images
  • 250 Product Links (US, UK & Europe) 
  • 5 Calculators (inc electric & solar capacity for your own setup)

Do you lack the skills or knowledge to build your own van? There are lots of skills required and some of the knowledge is essential for your success and safety! However, fear not, I will show you all the steps I took in building my own van along with where to get the products and how to avoid costly mistakes. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

You will have full access to everything I did to achieve my dream!

What you will gain from this guide: 

  • Ideas and options for sourcing the funds 
  • Everything you should cover when buying your van, from choosing the right type to fault finding on test drives 
  • Design decisions and considerations powered by what we have experienced ourselves  
  • Planning the project to save time and money 
  • How we built everything and some nifty tools that will make your build life a breeze! 
  • I provide the diagrams that I used for wiring, gas and water
  • How to fit windows
  • How to fit and configure solar panels
  • The magic behind our shower design
  • Your heating options
  • How we insulated and what we used (we have been in +40°C and -20°C it performs well!)
  • Battery talk, options, REAL costs and efficiency
  • Best venting options for hot climates and condensation/damp management
  • All our costs are broken down and detailed
  • All components we used with costs and links to buy + others you should consider
  • Admin such as V5 modification & insurance – it is hard to find insurance that will cover you for the full year out of the UK, I give you 2 companies that will!
  • Calculators to work out your required battery size, solar array and more!
  • Weight reduction techniques
  • We have been living in a van in all conditions for almost 3 years now, so we have discovered first hand what works and what doesn’t! Of course, I share this with you to ensure you make the best choices when building your own home on wheels!

Why build your own home on wheels?

If you are already on this page then I think you already know why this is a great idea…

But just incase

  1. FREEDOM! Yes, that thing we all crave so much, that thing that we work towards every day by going to our jobs to build our pension for the freedom of retirement… at 65… errr what? This lifestyle gives you that freedom now! Freedom to travel, freedom play, freedom to work (on your terms), freedom to sleep in the day and freedom to think! I feel I should have painted my face blue for this bit…  
  2. Living costs – the cost of living the “normal” life has got to a level that spoils the fun! The cost of living in a van is a very small slice of that, which just means you don’t have to work as much for the same (or better) lifestyle. Of course, this can also boost your savings if you are planning for the future.
  3. Community & Friendship – the #vanlife community is the most welcoming, friendly and helping I have ever witnessed, you never face a problem alone. There are some incredibly interesting people out here that you will meet and we have made some great life long friends.
  4. Career – I know what you’re thinking, but this is actually the first time in my life that I have had the time and mindset (no stress) to be able to work towards exactly what I want to achieve in my “professional” career.
  5. Last, but not least – YOLO, so fcuk it

What’s in the book? 

The Money
– Saving
– Credit Cards/Loans
– Buy, Build & Sell
– Film The Process
Buying Your Van
– Choosing
– Due Diligence
– Before Viewing
– Test Drive
– Vehicle Valuation
– Negotiation
Design and Planning
– Main Design
– Electrical Design
– Components
Solar System Design
Water Plan
Gas Plan
Other Components
– To Bulkhead or Not to Bulkhead?
– Seats
Vents & Extraction Fan
Solar Panel Fitting
Water Tanks
Diesel Heater
Water Heater
Electrical Wires
Water Pipes
Gas Cupboard & Pipes
Swivel Seats
Bed Frame
Rear Shower
Removable Table
– Gas
– Carbon Monoxide (CO)
– The Slow Killers
– V5 (Logbook)
– Insurance
Sound system
Tools list – links UK & US

What my customers say

Will & Jess – “This guide is full of great ideas and useful information. Whether you’re looking for details on plumbing, electrics, cabinetry or costings there is something in it for everyone. In particular this guide allowed us to source parts for the build before starting which significantly speeded up the conversion. We also loved some of the layout ideas which are detailed in the guide, such as the hidden shower which we wanted to include in our build. We would recommend it to anyone who is looking at planing or building their tiny dream home on wheels.”

To see more from Will & Jess check them out here: Patthevan

My Guarantee

If in the first 30days of purchasing my ebook you don’t find the value you are looking for or just feel it was not worth the money then I will fully refund you, no questions asked.

Merci 🙂

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