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Making money online, earning on the road, online income, earn from home, earn while travelling, remote income – whatever you want to call it, recently it is the number one thing I am asked about. This page will show you how I make money while traveling in a van.

“What job do you do?”

Sprinter Van Camper

When we first set off on this van life adventure with my bank account close to empty, but my heart full of joy and head with positivity. My plan for making a living was to become a kitesurfing instructor and teach at the odd school along our travels around Europe. So once we got to Tarifa, Spain I spent my little savings on getting my instructor qualification. I started to teach kitesurfing and really enjoyed it, I mean, I was getting paid to be on the beach!


I was over the moon, my plan was working and I didn’t even have to work very often as it can be a fairly well-paid job and of course, my living expenses had become very low. Marcela had started taking photographs of my students while they were learning and selling them the ones they wanted, so that was working out for her too.


All was in place and going well, until one morning I decided to finish off the van build video I had been making. It was published on YouTube that evening and within a week, my YouTube Dashboard was showing me an estimated $500 payment in advert revenue! I was like “Ohhhh maaaaaaaaa gad!”

**NB** These are not typical results for starting a YouTube channel, which is why I am not recommending it as an income here. The online income opportunities that I am sharing with you on this page are quick, reliable ways to get you going in the world of remote income. I do go more in depth about YouTube and how best to make a success of it in our upcoming ebook release. Watch This Space!

I’ve always loved the idea of being able to work remotely. In the past, what this meant to me was to systemise my business (a car dealership) to a point where I could manage it from a laptop (anywhere in the World). I failed at that 😬 However, now I was being exposed to new ideas and I saw a new side to this whole working remotely thing, this was pure earn money from home without the need for complicated, fragile systems, staff and huge overheads!


As exciting as this was it still wasn’t enough money to survive on, but something about the reality of the fact that I had just earnt 100% remote income removed the blinkers from my eyes to other opportunities. After all, I only needed to find one or two other streams of online income and I would be able to make a living from home (van), no problem at all! So my search began!


Now initially this wasn’t much of a search as I had already experimented with one solution in the past. The funny thing was that back then I was so caught up in my business and the normal way of life that I didn’t even consider this as a remote income opportunity!

So the first effective method of making money online that I would like to share with you is Matched Betting

Matched Betting

With matched/match betting you can easily make £500 a month, we made just under £1,000 in one month, each! The more time you invest on the platform, the more you will get out of it. To achieve £1,000 PM we were putting in about 2 hours per day. For this level of success you do need to be organised and have a little bit of money to get started, but not much.

Want to know how it works? Click here and then click “Watch Video”



The other part of the solution is something that Marcela came across 20Cogs.

20Cogs is a great website where you can earn good pocket money with little effort. You wont earn as much as with Matched Betting, but you may find it less complex to get started with.

Head over to the website here and scroll down to watch the how-to video


I am sharing these two methods of making money online with you as they are very easy and pretty much a guaranteed way of earning money online, they are a great way to begin. This was the beginning of my full-time work from home, remote income, digital nomad lifestyle journey, a journey that I am very much still on and learning from every time I open my laptop.

Since this first discovery, Marcela and I have experimented with many forms of making money online, some with success and many with failure. From these experiences and more we have been writing an ebook to help people wanting to be able to earn and travel. It will be out in the next few weeks so if it something of interest to you please subscribe to my blog to receive a notification when I post the release of it. 

Update! – Now Released:

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Useful Things

There is a Facebook group set up for Van life Digital Nomads that you may find useful if you have any questions or would like to share your story: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanmads/

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Matched Betting


Van Tour


5 thoughts on “What I Do For Money

  1. Thanks for sharing, about to start out on the journey, living in the Motorhome for as long as we can, making some sort of income high priority , don’t need much, just enough to help the budget stretch to allow things like race entry fees and replacing kit or broken/worn parts.. maybe see you out there and share a beer 🍻

    Craig & Nathalie.

  2. How do you get around prohibited country restrictions e.g. France, Spain etc with bookmakers on that matched betting platform? Do you use a VPN? Great blog by the way and general advice!.


    1. Hi Richard, depending on the country and specific laws this would be a solution. Cheers dude, glad to help!

  3. Hi there, I am highly interested in trying out some of these online money makers. Only problem is I live in Canada, I am just wondering if you know of any good and reliable sites that I may be able to use that are worldwide (preferably something similar to 20cogs and match betting)

    Thanks for your time! 🙂


    1. Hi Michael,
      I don’t actually know of any Canadian alternatives, but you may be able to use a VPN for the match betting 🙂

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