Matched Betting: A Guaranteed Way To Make Money Online In the UK

In this post, I’m going to explain how matched betting helps me to make money online and fund my full-time travel. I’m Alex, and I’m coming to you from Morocco today, welcome to my blog! Please be sure to read this post to the end, where I’ll share with you five tips on how to increase your efficiency and earn more from matched betting.

I want to address something quickly before I get into the main content of the post. I’ve seen a few posts of people saying that matched betting isn’t a guaranteed way to make money, “it’s not risk-free”. Well, I guarantee you it is mathematically impossible for there to be any risk. The only way you can lose money with it is if you make a mistake. So, if you follow the instructions 100%, you can not lose money, and you WILL make money.

I’m in my fourth year of travelling full-time, and I’m not trying to make out that matched betting has fully financially supported me through these years; because it hasn’t. But it certainly got me started and certainly gives me extra cash if I need a boost sometimes. 

All that’s required to match bet is a laptop or a tablet/phone, internet connection, a UK address, and £10. It can be done from anywhere, but you will need a VPN if you’re not in the UK.

So what is matched betting, and how does it work?

Matched betting is a proven way to turn bookmaker promotions into a guaranteed profit. With this method, you can easily make money online. If you are a little bit concerned about matched betting because you don’t know how it works, and you want to know exactly how it works. Well, let me say this: you don’t need to know exactly how your computer functions to use all its features and benefit from them. So, I’m not going to go deep into the maths on this. Simply, we use odds matching software to place bets on both sides of an outcome. 

So, for example, £10 on Chelsea to win and £10 on Chelsea to lose. Well, the losing bet we’re using an exchange, and it’d be £10 on Chelsea not to win, so that covers the scenario of a draw. And then once that match is played out, you usually end up with maybe losing like a couple of pennies or so. But then you receive the free bet of £10, £20, £40 or £50, which is your profit.

Why choose this to make money online?

Anyone can do it: 10 quid to get started, and you can earn good money. Like my first month, I made just under a £1,000; and that’s a tax-free £1,000, working around about 2 hours per day! These ARE typical results. However, to earn that much, you need to be organised and have a few hundred quid to get started. I think I started with about £400-£500 maybe. The reason for that is just because you’re using lots of different bookies and you end up waiting for the withdrawals to come out so you can use that money on the next offer. If you don’t have that money, it’s okay; you start with £10 and build up to it in a month or so.

When I first started match betting, Profit Accumulator, the website that I’ve always used didn’t have as much functionality as it does now. So, I used a spreadsheet to keep a record of where all my money was. However, now there’s a thing called Profit Tracker on the website. It’s beneficial to keep track of where your money is, bank balance and just staying organised like that increases your efficiency and earns you more money. The money you get out of this is determined by the time you put into it, and the easiest way to decide is on the Profit Accumulator website. There is a forum, and in the forum, this is my two favourite threads; one is £300 per month part-time effort

and the other one is £1,000 per month full time

You can simply follow these threads; they’re updated every day, and the admin post links to the offers that will earn you your desired amount.

I saw a story a few days ago that a nurse made £30,000 part-time doing matched betting, and she bought herself a car and paid for her nursing qualifications. So you this can do great things and open doors for people!

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get going with matched betting, here is a link to Profit Accumulator, which is the website that I use, and I’ve always used. They’ve got a free trial where you can earn up to £45! No brainer!

Now a question I get often is “can matched betting support full-time travel?”

Yes, it can. However, I feel earning a £1,000 per month is a little too much effort compared to doing the £300 per month part-time. It just seems to be a bit of an exponential growth in effort for some reason. However, if you couple the £300 per month part-time with Bonus Accumulator casino offers then for sure it will support your full-time travelling; and it’s not so tedious.

Doing the both together in that way is more fun, and you get enough income and enough free time to enjoy travelling full-time. It’s not going to make you rich, but it will give you the time to work on an online career that you may want to develop as you’re travelling…

So, I said that if you make it to the end of the post, I’ll give you five tips to help you boost your efficiency and make more money from match betting.

Tip number one: Get a separate email address: just because you’re going to get a lot of offers from lots of different bookies and it just keeps it all separate, nice and organised.

Tip number two: You’re probably going to get asked for ID a few times as you’re signing up for some bookies. So, I keep my ID on dropbox.

Tip number three: Signing up to many bookmakers, you’re going to have lots of usernames and passwords. So, using LastPass makes it quick, easy, and simple. 

Tip number four: If you’re doing this from outside the UK, you’ll need a VPN. I did try doing this for a while with a free VPN, and it was intermittent and got me banned from some bookies. Then I changed to NordVPN, I think it cost me about $5 a month or maybe $5; I don’t know: it’s not expensive. You’re using this to earn; it’s a tool for your business; invest $5-10 a month!

Tip number five: Nobody listens to me about this, and I don’t know why. TopCashBack, use it, please use it. Yes, I am an affiliate for it, I do get money for you signing up to it (FOR FREE), but I guarantee you will be glad you did. Install the browser plug-in.

In conclusion Matched betting is useful for earning money online in a guaranteed manner, but it can be a little bit tedious. However, if you do a little bit on the side and not full time every day, it’s a great way to earn remotely. Coupled with BA, it can provide a not too tedious full time travel income.

If you want more information about how to make money online, please do find our Facebook Group.

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