How I Learnt To Follow My Gut

Be mindful of your efforts

For 5 years, I worked on attempting to structure my “traditional” business so it would function as what you may know as a B quadrant business


The traditional business was a used car dealership that had just shy of a 2 million pound turnover (NOT PROFIT), a handful of staff, lots of stock and of course what comes with all that…  stress and responsibility. 

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I was very lucky to be in such a situation and I actually quite enjoyed the stress and responsibilities. However, something just wasn’t sitting right with me. The industry itself wasn’t a place I enjoyed, its an industry that needs a big shakeup! (which to be fair is now happening with the likes of CarWow and Buyacar). So I planned on diversifying this clunky old fashioned business into one that I could manage with a laptop from anywhere in the world. By building and implementing comprehensive systems, adopting the right technology and achieving a profit that would support the required staff… this was doable! 


Unfortunately (fortunately), I pushed it too far! We grew very aggressively and from the start I was always either going smash it or fail hard! After liquidating the company I still had the desire to run a business from a laptop, but I needed to cool down, I needed some R&R.


Around the same time as all this was happening, my girlfriend an I was discussing the idea of driving around Europe in a van Full Story Here – everything just fell into place perfectly, this was the start of van life for us. 

Van life was like a mini-retirement that organically turned into a whole new business of its own, a business that I can fully manage from a laptop 🙂 Oh yes, I came to realise that the ultimate dream of earning while traveling is 100% possible! 

All this time I had just been mining the wrong mountain!
Now I earn 100% of my income online and this is exactly how!


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    • How did you come to that conclusion?
      The post is titled “How I Learnt to Follow My Gut” – Not: “How I Learnt To Make Money Remotley”

      • Which even if it was called that, would still not be clickbait…

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