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How I Built an Off-Grid Machine With No Prior Experience

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I jumped in at the deep end and built my dream Sprinter van conversion! Ever since then, I have had an overwhelming amount of people contacting me and asking how I did certain things, where I got parts from, how long it took, the costs involved and where I learnt the skills. I tried to answer everyone, but it was getting impossible to keep up!

So I wrote an ebook answering all that and more 🙂

  • 215 Pages!
  • All Required Diagrams
  • 300 High-quality images
  • 250 Product Links (US, UK & Europe) 
  • 5 Calculators (inc solar and electric requirements)

Not skilled or knowledgeable enough to build your own van? There are lots of skills required and some of the knowledge is essential for your success and safety! Fear not, I will show you all the steps I took in building my own van along with where to get the products and how to avoid costly mistakes. 

You will have full access to everything I did to achieve my dream!

What you will gain from this guide: 

  • Ideas and options for sourcing the funds 
  • Everything you should cover when buying your van, from choosing the right type to fault finding on test drives 
  • Design decisions and considerations powered by what we have experienced ourselves  
  • Planning the project to save time and money 
  • How we built everything and some nifty tools that will make your build life a breeze! 
  • I provide the diagrams that I used for wiring, gas and water
  • How to fit windows
  • How to fit and configure solar panels
  • The magic behind our shower design
  • Your heating options
  • How we insulated and what we used (we have been in +40°C and -20°C it performs well!)
  • Battery talk, options, REAL costs and efficiency
  • Best venting options for hot climates and condensation/damp management
  • All our costs broken down and detailed
  • All components we used with costs and links to buy (US & UK) + others you should consider
  • Admin such as V5 modification & insurance – it is hard to find insurance that will cover you for the full year out of the UK, I give you 2 companies that will!
  • Calculators to work out your required battery size, solar array and more!
  • Weight reduction techniques
  • We have been living in a van in all conditions for almost a year now, so we have discovered first hand what works and what doesn’t! Of course, I share this with you to ensure you make the best choices when building your home on wheels!

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Neil (verified owner)

    A good place to start any project. And if you have questions you can ask them, which is very helpful if you have a problems!

  3. Tobias Rolle (verified owner)

    Könnte mehr Details drin stehen
    (MaĂźe, Kosten)

    • KiteVanMan (store manager)

      Hi Tobias,
      Thanks for the review!
      Which dimensions and costs is it that you feel are missing and I will have them included?

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Matt Flowers (verified owner)

    Hiya guys, really like the guide and finding it MASSIVELY useful. Only comment would be the text and most images are very blurred once you get past page 10. I am struggling to read a lot of the text and some diagrams like the electrical design is impossible to see. Not sure if it is my iPad or phone…. cheers though

    • KiteVanMan (store manager)

      Hi Matt, I would say the file must not be downloaded fully. There have been no other reports of this and it’s all good on this side.
      Maybe you can re-download and let me know if it’s any better? Cheers, Alex

  6. Yves u. (verified owner)

    I would like to comment that the ordered book is not yet arrived.. Looking forward to receive it..

  7. Barry (verified owner)

    Lots of useful detail. Some of the diagrams useful.

  8. Anthony (verified owner)

    Hi Alex & Marcela! I’m glad to see such project of turning a van into a motorhome like yours. Your project is certainly one of the best among your competitors! I am happy to buy your e-book about building a motorhome. But the only fail I found in your book: on the pp. 79-80 some pictures are absent. They’re about installing water level gauge. Could you fix the absence and send me fixed version of your e-book? Write me on my e-mail and I tell you my download ID

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